Saturday, June 5, 2010

great find!

What a lucky thing... last weekend we found this rug laying out on the sidewalk--unstained and in perfect condition.  Free for the taking!

It's the perfect size (6' x 8') for our living room and the colors go great.  

I've been wanting a new rug for a while now, but haven't been willing to pay some outrageous price for one.  By some crazy fortune, we just happened to be walking down that one particular street and this one particular rug that just happened to be the right size and colors magically appeared on the sidewalk.

And, to top that off, Christopher's parents just happened to have their carpet steamer that weekend, planning to clean our other rugs... (Thank you!!)

It makes the room feel so much warmer and homier.  I'm kind of amazed.


  1. I agree...kind of amazed...a little jealous but quite happy for your great find!

  2. I can still just sit and was such a blessing!