Sunday, June 13, 2010

fresh eggs


Date of Lay: 6/11/10
Date Christopher brought them home: 6/12/10
Date we ate a tasty breakfast: 6/13/10

Although our eggs were a few days old by this morning, I just had to marvel at that little sticker.  Our eggs were laid just 2 days ago and traveled a total of approximately 30 miles from the farm to our kitchen.  

We've been attempting to eat fresh and eat local as much as possible and I'm honestly starting to feel like it truly is the best way to eat.  I do feel more connected with my food, like people say.  I like knowing where it came from and meeting the people who work the farms.  If you take a moment to ask the farmers, they always have great ideas and suggestions about how to prepare, say, the squash that you just bought.  And, mmmm, fresh food really does taste better.

I've found this little chart from Philadelphia's Grid Magazine to be very helpful.  We've been using it as our guide for fresh veggies.

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