Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mom visits!

This past weekend, not only did my mom come for a visit from Pittsburgh, but so did Christopher's brother Jeremy!  Because our apartment is only a one-bedroom and not quite large enough to house all of us, Christopher booked a stay for my mom and I at a beautiful Bed & Breakfast just two blocks away!

Unfortunately, my camera battery died before I could take some photos of the B&B (my mom got some though!), but I did snap a few on one of our days out in Philadelphia.

We started our day's adventure with a stop at the Green Line Cafe for free WiFi and a bottled water to last through the day (not pictured...hehe...).

From there, we took off to the Philadelphia Museum of Art...

We gazed, we read, we stood in awe...

Strangers sitting in front of the famous Van Gogh...

It's a beautiful museum.

Taking obligatory pictures of Rocky in front of the famous museum stairs.

After the museum, we went over to the Random Tea Room & Curiosity Shop and had some Spiced Assam tea with scones and delicious pound cake slices!

Later on in the afternoon, we met Christopher and Jeremy at church and after the service we went out for dinner at Radicchio Cafe, a place we've never been but will likely return to in the future!

I love Philadelphia!!

Hopefully, Mom will come back to visit (and bring Dad along, hehe) some time soon!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

a belt.

A few days ago, I decided to make a high-waisted belt out of some material that I had.  It's a little rugged in the quality of the sewing... but maybe that's charming?

I don't have any pictures of the back, but it's basically the same as the front.

I tried it on with a few casual/everyday outfits that I thought it would look nice with but was surprised with how "made-up" it made me feel.  Like too high-fashiony or something for just everyday.  I think it looks modest enough with this slightly dressier outfit.  It was easy enough to create, I think I'll make another.  Maybe a regular/lower belt?

kind of like a collage.

a picture of my dresser can basically describe this week...

  • a little reading (Murakami)
  • making a Caesar Salad for dinner later this evening (Fine Cooking Mag)
  • watching Caroline's Kitten (upper right corner-keys enclosed in envelope)
  • searching for a cultural event to attend (Ticket Philadelphia gift certificate)
  • buying a new battery for my camera (upper left)

I hope this week is as good as it looks to be.

Monday, April 5, 2010

oh life and stuff.

Today, Christopher and I have been married for 9 months! I can't believe how time flies by. It seems like just yesterday that we first met. At the same time, it feels so completely normal, as if this is how life has always been...

I am so happy to be living in Philadelphia and spending my time here with Christopher. I think it's the perfect place for us right now. The section of the city that we're in (West Philly/University City) is exactly the type of place that I've always wanted to live in. It's so diverse, and there's lots of food places, thrift stores, coffee shops... all within walking distance. Very large, very old victorian houses. Clark Park is just a few blocks away. And trees. Lots of trees.

We celebrated Easter on our own yesterday. I had fun dressing up in my new dress that Christopher bought me, feeling girly, and strolling around outside in the beautiful spring weather. We visited a church just down the street that we'd both like to return to and cooked up some tasty food for dinner.

Me (in my new dress) and Ranny, before going to the church service (Ranny didn't go to church, obviously...):

We've had a few bottles of wine in the past weeks that I'd like to share a few pictures of, not really because the pictures have any artistic quality, but more for documentation's sake...

The Molly Dooker Cabernet Sauvignon (above, left) wasn't our favorite. I picked it out because I liked the bottle, just like picking out a book based on it's cover. Sometimes very deceiving. Maybe if we waited a few years to open it, the flavor might have rounded out a bit...

The Red Bicyclette French Rose (above, right) was fine. Perhaps not the best quality wine? It was sweet and fruity, but something tasted a bit cheap (if that's the right word) about it. I'm just starting to form my own vocabulary about wines and flavors, so forgive me.

Girard Red Wine.... Mmmmmm. We opened this for our Easter dinner yesterday and it was so smooth and delicious. The bottle says that it's 50% Cab Sauv, 32% Cab Franc and 18% Merlot. We still have some left.... I might have a few sips while finishing this post....

I might do a little bit of sewing today, I'm feeling happy and creative.

I hope that everyone is able to get outside and enjoy the new spring weather, maybe read a book, do whatever it is that you enjoy doing....