Wednesday, July 21, 2010

well, hello

The summer's been hot and I've been lazy.  Not much to report in the land of new ventures, thoughts or progress--I really just haven't done much besides work, reading, and trying not to die of heat exhaustion.

I wish that I didn't wish that we had air conditioning.  Part of me believes that living without AC should make me a stronger, more resilient person--relying less on man-made energy and living simply.  Surviving as humans have for thousands of years.  But the heat is just so draining.  Who wants to do anything when it's nearly 100 degrees?

The above photo was taken last year at Woodland Cemetery, an old charming cemetery just a few blocks from our home in West Philadelphia.

"Mary, Mother of God, please just help me survive until the end of summer!"

Regards.  And stay hydrated.