Friday, November 26, 2010

post-thanksgiving relaxing.

Now grab your favorite stuffed toy, curl up in bed and relax like you wish you could've relaxed yesterday... :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

my five senses weekend.

One of the first sites that I visit everyday is Jen Zahigian's photography blog That Wondrous Time.  Her quirky, colorful photos are absolutely magical and this weekend I was not only inspired by her photos but also her invitation to join in and write about the "Five Senses" of the week--a recap of your week by recalling the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings.  Well, since it's Monday and I'm a few days late, I just wanted to share my five senses from the weekend with you and invite you to do the same!


Sweet potatoes with pecans and goat cheese (this delicious and savory/sweet recipe can be found here).


Old vehicles in West Philly (above), old trolley cars in Northeast Philly, old folks everywhere.


That bitter, yet remarkable, smell of wilting leaves.


Claude Debussy's "The Little Shepherd" - my chosen piano repertoire for the past few days
(listen to this orchestrated version on YouTube and notice the beautiful oboe playing at the beginning)


Content and thankful for my present circumstances.  I'm fortunate enough to spend my days practicing piano, teaching piano, researching teaching ideas, taking photos, going out for walks and sipping tea.  Amazing.

Thanks for sharing some time with me today!

Monday, November 8, 2010


After the day's misfortune of standing on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck, this is one of those rare occasions when all I feel like doing is going shopping.  Of course, under the circumstances of those same car problems, the last thing that I should be doing is shopping.

Someday when my wallet's feeling heavier.

For now, this is just window-shopping.  Or perhaps just daydreaming...

Isn't it funny (i.e. pathetic) how sometimes we feel like owning a certain object or article of clothing will improve our quality of life?  Yet, here I am feeling that very way at this precise moment in time.  Oii yoii.

But, seriously, don't you just love the necklines? :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

teaching piano lessons.

I've had my ups and downs lately.  And pretty much on a daily basis.  You know those feelings you get when you're unsure about yourself or what you're doing?  Or when you feel you're having trouble communicating with other people?  Or just those feelings you get when you're spending too much time alone?

This week, I'm so glad to have some art from my piano students that I can look at to cheer me up.

...and remind me that life's not always about me.
This first one's from Nailah, who I just started teaching within the past few weeks.  She's a cutie.

This one's from Claire, who I taught before moving to Philadelphia.  I remember her very first lesson and how quiet and shy she was.  Before I knew it, she was the silliest and goofiest of all my students (but always one of the most prepared).  She would often burst into laughter during the middle of a song for no apparent reason.  And she had this funny curiosity for aliens and UFO's... 
(the "P.S." states: "I think there are lots of UFO's in Philly)...

Yeah.  Maybe.  Maybe that's why I've been feeling so out-of-sorts.