Monday, February 22, 2010

a new spring?

Driving home from the bank yesterday morning, I was so excited to spot a lawn and garden shop with huge bags of peat moss sitting next to the store's entrance...

For one, it reminded me of my old elementary school art teacher. Her name was Mrs. Moss, and my brother and I used to joke around saying that her husband's name was probably Pete. (It seemed so hilarious back then. It really only deserves a smirk now, but oh, childhood!) Seeing those bags also reminded me that spring is coming! Though I have had such a pleasant first winter living in Philadelphia, I am so excited for spring, new growth, walking around outside again! The black, sludgy snow hasn't been very conducive for taking photos. And I've just been too wimpy to brave the outside cold.

I'd like to stop taking pictures of our cat for a little while. Being inside all the time, he's been the most interesting thing around...

He is cute though, isn't he?

Another thing that has me all excited about Spring is this dress from Anthropologie! It only has me excited in my dreams though... it's a bit pricey. But so perfect and springlike!

Doesn't it just make you want to have a garden party? So much to look forward to this coming season!

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