Wednesday, March 3, 2010

today's skirt failures and fashions

Today, I attempted to follow a sewing pattern for the first time. It was a complete and utter failure! In short, the skirt I was attempting to make was too small to even pull over my hips. I swear... I took measurements before starting and picked the appropriate size pattern to cut out.... Booo.

Since I liked the fabric so much, I had to make something work. So, I made a few cuts and added a zipper (the zipper was a new experiment too). I still have a new skirt, but it's not like the original pattern at all and I'm pretty disappointed about it.

Even though I'm bummed, I did have a little bit of fun trying to put together a few outfits with it.



Bumming around:

I find myself wishing we had cable, only because I love the show What Not to Wear and I also miss watching a little HGTV in my spare time. Such small, surface needs I have. But they really give me pleasure.


  1. Wow - you made a great opportunity out of what you call a "failure." My sewing disaster a few spring seasons ago never turned into anything. Most creators/inventors learn the most from their so-called disasters. :)

  2. hey!! don't be upset! Just try again :) and i think it looks cute anyways!! I'm kinda scared to attempt a skirt pattern all by myself, so good job on doing it!!