Monday, December 27, 2010

oldies but goodies

In Pittsburgh for a few days after the holidays, I found some old photos this morning on Mom and Dad's hard-drive and thought I'd post a couple.

These were taken about two years ago or so.  It was a cool summer day and I remember feeling a little bored sitting at home, you know, twiddling my thumbs.  Instead of staring at the wall for the rest of the afternoon, I decided that I'd venture down the country roads of Clinton, PA (home of Janoski's Farm and many a cow) in hopes of finding a few good photographs.  Not too far into my drive, I happened across this particular junk yard of old vehicles, got super excited and proceeded by jumping over the "No Trespassing" sign.  No more than 10 minutes into it, flashing red and blue lights pull up next to my car and I see a policeman walking in my direction.
In a deep, intimidating voice the cop asked what I was doing and informed me that I would need to leave.  This is private property, I'll have you know.  Didn't you see the signs?  All I could do was hold up my camera, apologize and follow his instruction.  He watched as I hopped into my car and took off.  I made sure I was going the speed limit until he was no longer visible from the rear view mirror.  

I, undoubtably, got the last laugh.  Aren't the photos evidence enough?

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