Thursday, December 2, 2010

Daily Whine-o.

I just thought that maybe someone out there might be interested in this article from Snooth.  I received the article in one of Snooth's daily e-mails way back in July (lightyears ago, you know).   
Anyway, since reading it and taking into consideration some of the suggestions, we've enjoyed some really great wines and have understood a little bit more about the wine we were drinking and the process it underwent before getting bottled.  One particular wine with a similarly helpful label is Mark West's Pinot Noir (I mention this one because I'm pretty certain that it's fairly easy to find in stores across the States).  That, and the Ridge wines (obviously).  Why can't all labels be this helpful?
Hoping someone else out there finds this as useful as I did!


  1. No wine (whine) for me for a while....

  2. interesting! Mark really loves wine and is looking for a book or something that explains all of the different types. I need to start looking for christmas :)