Saturday, September 4, 2010

caesar salad

Up until this past year, one of those things that I just couldn't avoid ordering as my first course at fine dining restaurants was the Caesar salad.  I'm not talking about your Applebee's-equivalent type of food establishment, I mean real foodie-type restaurants, where every bite of every dish is so intoxicating that when you're finished you can only manage to stumble out of your seat as you leave.  I can't explain it, I've always had this weakness for a delicious, freshly tossed Caesar.

Last year, I discovered this recipe in their printed-edition magazine and started experimenting.

My first attempt wasn't that great.  I used some poor quality stuff--including not-so-tasty olive oil and since we only had half the amount of good Parm-Reg that was needed, I compensated by adding cheap-o Kraft Parmesan cheese (I admit this, most embarrassingly).  So, bear in mind, the tastiness of your salad does, of course, depend on the quality of your ingredients.

By now, I've attempted the recipe a dozen or so times, changing little things with every attempt and it's gotten better every time.  So if it's not perfect the first time, try try again.

Now, when I see Hearts of Romaine on the menu, I tell myself "I can make my own tasty version at home" and so I avert my attention to all of the other delicious menu options.


  1. Remember Yampolsky...."Caesar salad!!" :)

  2. That sounds so familiar.... what the heck was he talking about?! Oh my goodness, that man.