Thursday, September 9, 2010

booooo.... ... . .. .

For days I've been waiting for the right opportunity to make a photograph of this car.

It's been parked in the same spot on 46th Street for days now and every afternoon, I walk a few blocks to go see it, hoping that the spot in front of it is vacant.  There's such a great contrast between the navy matte finish of the car as it sits against a wall of vibrant gold mums and I just wanted to try capturing it.

Today, I went out with my camera, hoping against all odds that the parking spot in front of it was open.  Whaddaya know, it actually was!?!  I was flipping out inside... after days of waiting, I could finally take a photo!

I pull out my camera and I'm walking closer and closer as I'm adjusting my settings and am suddenly mortified to notice another car creeping down the street in search of a parking spot....


I wasn't even there for 15 seconds before the stinking car had to ruin my photo shoot.  I snapped this one just because I wanted some kind of record of it.  [The left side's cropped slightly as to hide the other car backing in].

If tomorrow, I walk down the street, and the blue car is gone, at least I took one unsatisfying picture.


  1. Hehe, thanks. I'm disappointed though. I had this grand idea of a photo in mind and that's totally not it. Maybe next time! :)