Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mom visits!

This past weekend, not only did my mom come for a visit from Pittsburgh, but so did Christopher's brother Jeremy!  Because our apartment is only a one-bedroom and not quite large enough to house all of us, Christopher booked a stay for my mom and I at a beautiful Bed & Breakfast just two blocks away!

Unfortunately, my camera battery died before I could take some photos of the B&B (my mom got some though!), but I did snap a few on one of our days out in Philadelphia.

We started our day's adventure with a stop at the Green Line Cafe for free WiFi and a bottled water to last through the day (not pictured...hehe...).

From there, we took off to the Philadelphia Museum of Art...

We gazed, we read, we stood in awe...

Strangers sitting in front of the famous Van Gogh...

It's a beautiful museum.

Taking obligatory pictures of Rocky in front of the famous museum stairs.

After the museum, we went over to the Random Tea Room & Curiosity Shop and had some Spiced Assam tea with scones and delicious pound cake slices!

Later on in the afternoon, we met Christopher and Jeremy at church and after the service we went out for dinner at Radicchio Cafe, a place we've never been but will likely return to in the future!

I love Philadelphia!!

Hopefully, Mom will come back to visit (and bring Dad along, hehe) some time soon!


  1. Looks like you had a fun weekend! I think there's a chance Mark and I have stayed at that very same B&B! It's beautiful, ain't it?

  2. How exciting! I love the look of that tea room. If your dear brother and I ever make it out to Philly, we will have to go!

  3. Akirah! How crazy! It's a such a beautiful place. Well, you should come visit Philly again... I'd love to see you, it's been a long time!

    Jimmie! I would love it if you and Just (and Q!) came for a visit sometime! Now that the weather is warm again, there's so much to do. And we can sip delicious tea at the Random Tea Shop! Miss ya sis.