Wednesday, April 7, 2010

kind of like a collage.

a picture of my dresser can basically describe this week...

  • a little reading (Murakami)
  • making a Caesar Salad for dinner later this evening (Fine Cooking Mag)
  • watching Caroline's Kitten (upper right corner-keys enclosed in envelope)
  • searching for a cultural event to attend (Ticket Philadelphia gift certificate)
  • buying a new battery for my camera (upper left)

I hope this week is as good as it looks to be.


  1. Neat insight on the collage...I'm afraid of what my collage might indicate. Hmm. Dust, pile of miscellaneous stuff, more dust, miscellaneous stuff - I need to make myself a better collage. :)

    Love you.

  2. hehe! though yours may not be laid out on the dresser, i'm sure your weekly collage is just perfect! :)

  3. My collage is a combo of coloring, sewing, & misc. auxiliary brain notes! Notice how I started with my favorite subject and played down the fact that my poor brain needs much help. . . visual stimulation notes. . .to keep on task! But if you get lost in the coloring and sewing. . . . then who misses the other checklists of tasks?!